Thursday, August 6, 2009

Continuation of Why?????

Ok, so we wake up on Thursday morning and start our driving. I decided to call and check in with my dad who was supposed to be heading out on the road today as well. When I call him, he sounds terribly sick on the phone and tells me he is going to the hospital because he thinks he has pneumonia.

"great" i say, you can't drive yourself there, (after hearing his symptoms) so I call Joe and Ashley to bring him to the hospital, because of course he hasn't told anyone about his ailments.
It turns out the Dad gets admitted to the ICU for DKA and possible pnumonia, with poor kidney function and who knows what else is going on in his lungs.
Now keep in mind, I am now 700miles away from home. What do I do? nobody really has that answer.
Where do I go from here, do I turn around and cancel the trip only to get home in two days and find my dad well and ready to go on "vacation" or do I continue on and wait for him and the rest of the family to join us in yellowstone when he is "better" somehow, we decided to keep driving west.
Now I am in Rawlins Wyoming and all I can do is PRAY!!!!
While we were driving through the last 100 miles of Wyoming, we drove through the most amazing weather in the mountains that I have ever seen. It was incredible, crazy lightning, sun shining , double rainbows, total down pour of rain so that you couldn't even see where you were going. Then the sun was shining so bright and the reflection of the sun off of the pavement was blinding. And then there was the mountains, oh how I love the mountains. God is so good, He has provided for us in ways I can't even understand but Why this????? That is all I can say, Why this, Why now? why my dad? why ?

Why ????? continued

Why??? ? What a question!!!!

I should be blogging more often, Lord knows I will be able to write a book some day. That book will make you laugh and cry all within pages of one another. We left home yesterday to start our trip out to Yellowstone/Montana. For sure the last 48 hours have been just a whirlwind of adventure.

Our main reason for this "vacation" was so that my entire family can be together as a united group of people who love my mother and to depart with her ashes, by her wishes, in Yellowstone Park. We have an amazing house rented in West Yellowstone for the week and Eric, myself and the kids started our drive on Wednesday morning. We drove a little over 600 miles and stayed in a Best Western hotel in Nebraska ...can't remember the name of the town.
We woke up at 330am because Melody got sick, she puked all over the bed. Luckily she didn't get any on Carter, but it was all over. Once everyone got settled back down, we slept until 700am.